Before & After

For this "Before & After" I want to brag on the Fujifilm 100x.

I've been in the habit of throwing it around my neck during shoots.  It's so small, light and easy to shoot with that it's no big deal to have it on my chest or back for an hour or two while I'm carrying around my 5D Mark III.  

I took this photo with the 100x because my back was against a wall and all I had on my 5D was my 85mm 1.2.  I wanted to go wider and I knew the 100x had a very wide 23mm (but just like 35mm) lens.  I quickly pulled up the 100x, held it up over my head and shot a few.

As you can tell it wasn't exposed perfectly.  To tell you the truth I didn't care and I usually don't with the 100x.  

In post I spent some time customizing the "agfa vista 100" preset out of VSCO's filmpack 05 while cranking up my exposure +1.70

Then I sent the photo over to Alien Skin to add some grain and light tweaking.