Before & After

This "Before & After" is of North Carolina rapper Defacto Thezbian

I wanted to stick with Defacto's hip, urban style so we found some old train tracks on a nice overcast day to help get that feel.  It was important that it was overcast because I didn't want any harsh light from the sun (and I don't shoot with a flash, diffuser, or any other crap that might weigh me down). This was shot with Canon 5D Mark lll + Sigma Art 35mm lens. 

When in Lightroom I got my white balance correct (click here if you don't know how to white balance your photos) and cranked up my exposure +1.80.  Next, I added VSCO Film's Portra 160+1 preset and made some minor tweaks to my tonal curves and went to work with the "heal tool".  

You'll notice that I took out a ton of distractions from this image.  The background and his face had elements that took away from where I wanted my audience to look: left eye > lips > side burn.  I used to have issues with removing "hair follicles" and other natural facial elements but I quickly got over this once I realized that removing those things actually helped my audience view and enjoy the photograph more.  

After I finished up in Lightroom, I went over to Alien Skin Exposure to add another partial version of Portra 160 and some grain in the highlights.