Before & After (Double Exposure Edition)

You folks seem to like double exposures so I thought I'd show you one for this week's before and after.

Double exposures are wonderfully complex and it takes tons of trial and error to get them right. As do all aspects of photography. Just showing you a before and after edit does not fully communicate the details of what goes into one of these (mostly while shooting).  If you'd like a detailed course on this let me know.   

Either way... 

I shot this with the 5D Mark lll 50 1.2 using the "multiple exposure" picture style mode.  I set my double exposures to "additive" because this simulates film photography the most. 

I take the portrait first then switch over to the ME mode using live view.  

I edited this with my custom preset then added grain in Alien Skin Exposure.

Here is the image taken for the tree line: