Before & After \\ Double Exposure Wedding Edition

After I shoot weddings all of the images stay on my cards for several days.  I do this because I want to give myself the option to create double exposures for my clients but on my own time.  My clients always get a pleasant surprise when I throw in a double exposure photo like this into their final gallery.  It tends to set me apart as a photographer and shows my clients that I'm an artist first and also that I didn't forget about them as soon as I left.  It shows them that I care.  

This double exposure was actually a result of me feeling really down one dreary afternoon.  I'd been traveling a lot, my patience was short and I felt overworked.  When this happens, going out and making art for the sake of making art, is generally a quick remedy.   

I grabbed my card that still had around 4k photos on it from a wedding shot a few days before and headed out towards my favorite coffee shop.  Along that way I challenged myself to keep an eye out for those textures that I knew would create a great double exposure.

Here's the before and after of the double exposure that I delivered to my clients.