Lindsay \\ Nashville, TN

I've built my business on calculated risks.  I cold message so many people weekly.  Most of them ignore me but there's always one or two that respond and out of those I end up working with maybe 1 person a month.  

I'm not scared to ask for collaborations, trading services or simply a conversation.  I'm not scared of someone's accomplishments.  

For this shoot, I direct messaged Lindsay Carver through Instagram after discovering her in the #nashvillephotographer feed.  We shared our thoughts, concerns, portfolios and it turns out she's one of those people willing to put themselves out there and take risks to do what she loves similar to me.   She's been a musician most of her life and recently discovered that she's a talented model.

This set with her is probably one of the most solid that I've ever shot. I'm really thankful.

Feel free to enjoy Lindsay's single "Beauty Queen" while you check out the photos!