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5 Ways To Change Your Mind That Will Create Massive Change in Your Business

5 Ways To Change Your Mind That Will Create Massive Change in Your Business

  1. Gratitude

  2. Vision

  3. Confidence

  4. Mediation

  5. Why


If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest way to change your mindset then look no further. Gratitude has been proven to have some powerful effects on humans. Click here to read an article from Berkley on the subject.

Great but how do I actually do it?

The short answer is to train your brain to get into the habit of paying attention to the things in your life that you’re grateful for.

I have a general list up on my wall near my work computer that I can refer to if I’m struggling to stay grateful. I have two kids and I’ve built in a short gratitude practice every morning where before they get out of bed we all say one thing we’re grateful for.

What are you grateful for? Write it down and put it somewhere or make a graphic of the list to put on your phone screensaver.


I said it in the beginning of this article but what you think or see in your mind…becomes your reality quite literally. People like Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill are the teachers I’ve learned from but honestly this has been regurgitated in so many different ways today that it’s become common to hear personal development gurus talk about vision quite often. Or as Napoleon Hill says “Have a clear picture in your mind of what you want”.

On my phone lock screen I have “Have A Clear Vision, A Reason Why, and Daily Action”.

I do this to remind myself to consistently visualize the things I want in my life daily. Why would I do that? Because thoughts (and visions) become reality and I want to control my reality. Not some random circumstance that happens by chance.

A great way to start with vision is to write down your main goal in life then all around it add the details of what your life would look like if you met that goal. Feelings, money, relationships, etc.

I know that seems a bit woo woo but trust me it works wonders in your mindset and can be one of the quickest ways to bring about change.


It wasn’t until I did my first workshop tour where I learned how lack of confidence in one’s self was an epidemic in the entrepreneurial spaces.

I saw people completely paralyzed by their lack of self worth, failed attempts at applying their past experiences, and fear of judgement from others.

I also still struggle with this too.

These days low self confidence can be caused by many things from past trauma, abusive relationships, or something as simple as a negative comment on Facebook.

So how do we increase our confidence then so we can be sure about our decisions in our businesses?

In sounds cliché but the way you gain confidence is to face your fears…or focus on your fears and then face them.

I think back to my life when I was a highly competitive college wrestler or when I was in the Marine Corps or when my ex wife cheated on me for the 2nd time. I think about the experiences I had in those environments and what led me to feel the most pain.

It was when I hesitated and didn’t act because I was scared that caused the most mental anguish not because of what other people were doing but because I wanted to act and didn’t. It was a matter of integrity with myself.

By not acting when I was scared I confirmed my fears and what I thought about myself was affirmed. “I’m not brave enough” or “I’m not good enough”.

In my experience the quickest way to gain self confidence and change is to notice your fear then do the thing your scared of. You’ll instantly realize the the story your mind told you about what to be scared about was over exaggerated and then your mind creates a new story about what you can do.

To start write down your greatest fear right now and what it’s stopping you from doing in your life. Then take the first step towards doing that thing.


I know (eye roll). This has been overused as a buzz word for the past decade but there’s a reason.

Meditation has been the key to increasing my own self awareness and has helped me find my purpose in life.

With the constant bombardment of social media, internet TV, texts and emails we have officially become the most unaware we’ve ever been…kind of.


Here’s a graph from Harvard Business Review (click here if you want to nerd out with me)

So from one perspective we are more “aware” of what works in business and life than ever. On the other hand there’s only a few people who are really aware of that information.

It’s like when your boss tells you do something after they come back from a big conference. They’re really inspired, motivated and gung-ho about what they became aware of at the conference and they act on that by coming back and telling their employees to do something without trying to impart the same experience and levels of awareness that they have.

Meditation is a great way to increase your personal awareness so you can focus in on the things in your life and business that matter.

Start off by sitting down for 5 minutes. Sit up straight. Close your eyes and just take deep breaths until the 5 minutes is up. After your done, write down your thoughts in a journal.

Mediation is a process so be patient with yourself if your mind wanders. This is hard work but if you take it in baby steps in can lead to huge change in your daily life starting today!


I’ve taught in public schools for a decade now and I’ve learned a valuable lesson when it comes to engaging young people to get them to do their work at a high quality level while enjoying it. It’s always starting with asking them “why?”.

I ask them “why are grades important?”. “Are there other benefits to actually creating in school?”. “Why is working hard valuable?”. “Why wouldn’t you incorporate your personal interests into projects?”.

These questions prime my students to focus on their own personal why for being at school, doing their work, and getting good grades.

I pair the why with everything I teach as to give them context.

For example, I’m currently working with a small group of talented videographers to develop a lifestyle brand on Youtube.

They just wanted to start by making videos. Duh, they’re teenagers. That makes sense!

They didn’t understand how not having a why was setting them up for a long, difficult road ahead.

We finished up the first month of school by crafting a why statement, a mission statement, a clear vision with measurable goals, and spending a painstakingly amount of time of creating a Customer Profile for their ideal customer.

Sounds boring af right? Well if you know how much change you can create just by asking yourself why then it won’t feel so monotonous to work on. When you have a clear purpose in your life and business then change can sometimes be fun, energizing, and create a feeling of excitement in your life!

If you’re a photographer ask yourself “what is it about this industry that I love?” and “what is it about taking photos of other people that inspires me?”.

If you’re an entrepreneur ask yourself “what is it about this lifestyle that brings me energy?” and “what problems do I enjoy solving for other people?”.

If you’re a teacher ask yourself “what is it about teaching others that feeds my soul?” and “what got me into teaching in the first place?”. For me this has been my younger brother Jonathan. He has autism and I helped raise him. As I watched him grow up I saw him and my mother struggle through getting support from teachers so I decided that I would be a teacher to help people like my brother.

Thank you so much for your attention and if you’d like to learn more how to Change Your Mind To Change Your Business then click here to watch a live discussion.