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Laura Ballance \\ Durham, NC

I was surprised when I was contacted by She Shreds Magazine to shoot portraits of the CEO of Merge Records, Laura Ballance.  You can read about Laura here in Rolling Stone Magazine.  

After a few schedule changes I got talk with and shoot portraits of Laura Ballance right outside of the Merge Records headquarters in Durham, NC.  I found out that Merge Records has been around for a while.  Since 1989 to be exact.  It was founded by Laura and Mac McCaughan.  They were in a band together called Superchunk.  They've experienced a ton of change and growth. Check out this story that Google Play did on them to learn more.

My style is to "humanize" these indie musicians and it's always an adventure to slowly experience who someone is by simply shooting portraits of them and spending time with them. I got to do that with Laura Ballance.  

She's a really cool person.  She's a human who is an artist.  She loves music and has made that her life's work.   I hope these photos communicate that.