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5 Creative Things You Can Do With Your iPhone

This post will help you if you're sick of wasting time on your iPhone and you want to use it in more creative ways.

There are so many recent studies out there that are alarming about how much we're on our iPhones.  I do try to discipline myself at times and refrain from pulling my iPhone out and using it for anything.  I'm actually going through a challenge right now where I don't even OPEN my phone when I get home from work at night.  Let me tell you, it's difficult.  But I've figured out some ways to creatively use my iPhone in my life.  Try them out and see if they spark any creativity in your life!

1.  Use It As A Scanner

I get so frustrated when people send me a document and ask me to print it off, sign it and then scan it back to them.  I started streamlining this stressful, time wasting ordeal by simply taking a photo of the signed document with my phone and then emailing that photo back to them.  It will be a JPG file but who cares because the iPhone photo is large and won't lose detail.  It looks just as good as a real scanner and it will save you a ton of time!

2. Create Home Movies Of Your Family

There are times when I'm like "I will (or my kids will) want to relive this moment one day".   I started pulling out my iPhone, capturing these moments on video and then uploading them to Youtube.  YouTube isn't going anywhere anytime soon so I bet those videos will be around for a while.  This is so easy to do and will be a valuable document to your future self and family.  You can see some of my iPhone home movies here.

3. Let Your Kids Make Some Art Then Print It Out And Put It On The Fridge

One morning my son Harvest was coloring a picture of Hiccup from "How To Train A Dragon".  He did this on a free coloring book app on my iPhone.  It was creative and I wanted to show him how proud of his work I was.   I save the image to my iPhone,  sent it to myself through email or message and then printed it off.  I brought it home, put it on the fridge and when he got home he was surprised and delighted to see his creative art on the fridge that he had made on my iPhone that same morning.  Creative huh!?

4.  Take Photos Of Notes That You Don't Want To Carry Around

If you know me then you know that I love figuring out ways to minimize the steps in meaningless tasks.  I know that when I am handed a piece of paper with important information on it that it will inevitably get lost or destroyed.  Trying to be creative, I now pull out my iPhone, take a photo of the paper and toss it.  That way I don't have to keep up with another thing in my life. 

5. Message Yourself Photos and Videos

If you're like me and have an iPhone, iMac, Macbook, iPad, iToilet (jk) then you have the ability to send and receive your phone messages from these devices using iMessage.  There are many times that I know I'll need an image, video, link or a simple note later in the day or future.  I plan for this by messaging myself the photo or video.  Then when I'm on any of my devices I can access that file simply by opening up iMessage and looking in my previous messages to myself. This is a really creative timesaver if you have multiple Apple devices in addition to your iPhone.


So there you have it.  5 Things that I use my iPhone for to be more creative and save time. 

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