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Why I hated the holidays and love the cinemagraph.

Ok I don't HATE the holidays. I just made that the title so you would click on my blog post.

The holidays are a hustle for me though. From November through December it seems like I am bombarded with people who want portraits.  

For their mom. Their boyfriend. Their cat. 

I love getting paid to make portraits.  It's what I do and I enjoy it so much.

But sometimes I just want to have the freedom make something that doesn't involve boundaries or clients .

Since I made it through the holidays I've commenced some new projects that I am doing for the sheer enjoyment of it.

One project is known as the "cinemagraph".

 It's basically a very complex and well-thought out animated GIF.  Some of these were shot with video while others were done using a "stop-motion" photography technique.  

After I shoot them I deconstruct the frames in photoshop and then add some voodoo. 

Here are a few that I've experimented with.  Keep checking back to my Cinemagraph page as I periodically add more.  I also have a Tumblr.  You'll often see them there too.


Never heard of a cinemagraph before?  

The two photographers that coined the term are Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.  Find their work at