Look through this...

This past week I focused on using windows in my year-long self portrait project.  

I shot with my Canon EOS 7D and using a lighting combination of mostly natural light (obviously) and a soft box

My goal was to create 7 very different photographs using windows in no more than 2 shooting sessions.  

My vision initially was to do the "dark" shots that I lean towards; namely with a "reflective" feel.  

The first two shots were actually taken at a hotel room in Cary, NC.  My wife and I had taken our two children to stay overnight for their birthdays.  I saw this great window in our room and had to shoot with it.  The other 5 photos were taken at my home.  

I have had some people ask me if I "photoshopped" myself into these photos.  Nope.

I was actually shooting outside into my living room where there was a mirror.  I quickly recognized that this could help make some interesting shots. 

Lesson learned: Simple is good.