I’m Committed to…

My life’s success and happiness has been directly connected to how committed I am so I wanted to communicate with you my 5 main commitments in life…just so you get me.

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I’m committed to being a healthy, energetic, positive person.

Being a Healthy, Energetic, Positive person…

I’m committed to Being a healthy, energetic, positive person Who creates habits that lead to my version of success.

Some ways I do this are I wake up at 5:30 everyday and name 3 things I’m grateful for, I run and do yoga daily, I eat foods that make me feel good and I mediate every night before I go to sleep.



Being an Example…

I’m committed to being an example for my children by genuinely showing love, mutual concern, and empathy towards myself, them, and others.

Some ways I do this are I volunteer at my kids school, donate my time through helping young people learn photography and entrepreneurship, set boundaries in my life and communicate them clearly, and I practice active listening.


I’m committed to being an example.

Here’s a photo of a wedding where I let my son jump with his instant camera and start directing the wedding party.



I’m committed to being a Wedding Photographer.

Being a Wedding Photographer…

I’M COMMITTED TO BEING A wedding photographer that provides my clients with genuine, heart-felt experiences and photography that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Some ways I do this are I meet my clients face-to-face rather than emailing them, I educate my couples on how to enjoy shoots more and how to look better, and I genuinely try to build relationships with my clients before, during and after their wedding day.



Being an Influencor…

I’M COMMITTED TO BEING AN influencer in my industry by confidently creating introspective content, authentic and honest conversations, and innovating industry standards through vulnerability, openness and courage.

Some ways I do this are I interview inspiring people and share it with the world, I put emphasis on spending time with those who need help, and I create workshops and education so others can grow.


I’m committed to being an Influencer.

This photo is from a workshop I held for photographers in Chicago, IL.



I’m committed to being an Advocate.

Being an Advocate…

I’M COMMITTED TO BEING AN advocate for a new generation of photographers that believe “when you help others, you help yourself”.

Some ways I do this are I started a community for photographers to help each other, I create online and face-to-face meet ups that are safe to ask questions in, and I openly share my struggles, vulnerabilities and challenges.