Day 1: Being Seen

Story: I’m beginning this daily log of stories from my life today because I’ve been really scared to show myself and I know that in order for me to reach my goals and achieve my vision, I have to be willing to share the hard stuff without fear of judgement from you and others.

You might be saying “Mark, I feel like you show yourself a lot more than others though”.

Yes, that might be true but I know that there is more for me and I plan on sharing the deeper stories in my life right now, and that involves me sharing myself, being open, and going deeper into the nitty gritty so you can be inspired.

Anyways, I was listening to a podcast earlier this week with Jordan Gray and he was talking about how people feel shame, depression, and indecisiveness when we are scared to be vulnerable and “share ourselves”. He said “every-time you deploy courage, you get confidence back”.

This really hit close to home for me because over the past few years I’ve had a really traumatic relationship end which caused me to isolate myself more than I normally would as introvert.

As I’ve worked through healing, I started to have this deep desire to connect with others again but there was also this deep fear that they would judge me like the person did in that relationship.

Lesson: After some really specific boundaries I had to draw and developing courage, it turns our that when I “show myself” to others, without being concerned about them judging me, I feel seen, known and understood. By facing my fears and “being seen”, I was able attract the people in my life that I wanted to.

Action Step: Share one thing on your Instagram that you’ve been scared to and watch your confidence grow.