Day 4: Never sit still

Story: This morning I decided to do a long run through downtown Durham and I ran to a really beautiful historic graveyard that I like. Sometimes it helps keep me to get present to wander through graveyards. 

Anyways, on my way back home I passed by this shoeshiner named Pierce. I knew of him because a few weeks ago during my Photo Camp, two of my campers made a spontaneous photo documentary of him where one of them took photos of him shining shoes and the other interviewed him with their phone. They were in middle school and did this during their lunch by the way. 

So when I passed by Pierce this morning I said “You’re Pierce right?” and shook his hand. He didn’t know me of course. I told him about how my campers made this story of him and we exchanged numbers so I could get it to him.

Beside Pierce was this woman who gave him a look when I said: “You’re Pierce right?”. It was one of those looks like “see how important you are”. I didn’t ask her name mistakenly. 

She started asking me about what I did so I told her all the stuff that I’ve been doing over the past ten years like being a public school teacher, building my photography business, traveling around the country teaching workshops, building a photography community, mentoring teenagers, and how my kids were starting back to school this week.

She looked at me in a similar way that she looked at Pierce a few moments ago and said: “don’t sit still and you’ll make it big”. I couldn’t believe how much I needed that at that moment until she said it.

I hugged her and ran home to make this.

Lesson: If you’re like me then you have a big vision and people with big visions often come down with what I call “paralysis of the mind” because we don’t know how to achieve that vision so we become idle. We sit and wait for the perfect time and it never comes. 

The lesson I learn here is that doing something is better than thinking about doing something.

Action Step: Think about a dream of yours that seems too big and write it down. Below it write down the first step that you need to take to start working towards that dream. Then take that step.