Day 5: Full-time dad

Story: The past two years I have not been able to spend as much time with my kids as I would have liked.

Today my two kids, Harvest and Honor, finally moved back to my hometown and will be living with me full time. This makes me so damn happy.

I’m so nervous, anxious, and stressed about it all but it’s been such a grounding experience for me because I need to be focused to be a good dad, photographer, teacher and everything else that I envision for myself.

I made sure my house was clean, organized, and that I was in a positive mindset before they arrived today.

Anyways, today is good and I’m excited about change and growth for me and my family. I hope you’ll celebrate with me today.

Lesson: I’m a perfectionist and really like to be in control so when I decided that my kids would be living me I had to do a ton of preparation.

Sometimes over-preparing for the big changes in life can transform them into big blessings.

Action Step: What’s something in your life that is changing? Something big that you’re worried about.

Think about one way that you can prepare for that change (even if it’s small).

Go ahead and do that one thing to start feeling.