Day 6: I missed yesterday

Story: I missed yesterday’s daily update. I was simply too busy to be able to go deep into thought to write and record the episode.

I was so conflicted with this because when I started this a week ago I said: “I’m going to do this every day no matter what..even when it’s hard”. I still plan on doing that by the way...I also still plan on skipping days when I can’t do it and I’m ok with that.

In the past, this type of “hiccup” in my routines for posting work would’ve probably stopped me from doing the whole project because I would beat myself up but it doesn’t seem to be that way with this project and I’m grateful for that.

I have probably started (and not completed) more projects than anyone realizes simply because I’m inspired in the beginning but when it gets hard or I get stuck, I feel inadequate and “in over my head” so I simply stop a few days or weeks into it.

It’s funny how we look at creative work as “all or nothing” like it’s some sort of transaction that will definitely result in a definite return.

In actuality, my best projects have begun with no agenda in mind except to create a multi-layered, newly inspired project that has an obvious X-factor. I listen to my gut for that.

To me, the X-factor has become my inspiration to continually create something from inside me…like this daily update or like when I did a 365 Day Self Portrait Project (that I only did 100 days of). That project boosted my Instagram and Facebook so much that I was able to start my photography business from it. I had no clue what would happen when I started though. I started it because I wanted to get better at photography quickly.

The unknown is where the magic happens in my life and when I try to box up my work in a way that I think it will impact others, it doesn’t seem to impact them in the way I want…and many times I’m disappointed in that work because of my strife.

Lesson: The lesson I learn here is that we are all creative, unique, inspiring humans who can make a massive impact on the world but there’s no way to predict how that will happen. In order for me to be ok with that, I have to trust myself, my gut, and the universe to come through when I need it.

Action Step: Is there a big project in your life that seems too big but you’re still feeling inspired to do right now? Take advantage of that and scale it down to a realistic daily or weekly task by creating a step-by-step process you could do in around 30 minutes.

It won’t feel too overwhelming to commit to 30 minutes a day or week, compared to the massive impact it will have over time in an unknown way. And always remember that 1 > 0