Day 7: My roof is leaking

Story: My roof has been leaking for 6 months now.

My house is a 1906 renovation in an old area of my hometown, Durham N.C. and apparently it’s common for roofs to leak around the old chimneys that were built then.

When it first started happening I was like “oh it’s small. no big deal.” Then my roof start peeling off and mildew started to form. I was horrified and contacted my maintenance pro. He said we had to “test it out” to see where the leak is coming from. He doesn’t speak a lick of English either so I had to have a translator to understand his ideas which hadn’t been yet.

He said that we ought to put plastic over top of the chimney to see if it’s coming through there…wait for it to rain to see if it leaks and if there’s still a leak, do the same test around the bottom of the chimney.

I’m literally still testing it right now and I can’t believe what a long process it’s been because you have to space it out between when it rains.

Putting plastic over and around a chimney is simple and it took me 3 minutes to do but I was so stressed about the task of fixing the leak that I couldn’t creatively problem solve and procrastinated until my roof got worse and I was like “I should probably fix this before my room caves in.”

Lesson: Many times the problems that arise in our lives need a different perspective (like the pro I pay that had the idea to test the chimney with plastic). Many times the solution is there and won’t take long but we simply can’t see it without others involved and that’s ok.

Action Step: What’s something you’ve been procrastinating on that’s stressing you out?

Write down 3 people that could offer their perspectives and message or call them asking for help.