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  • Durham School of the Arts 400 North Duke Street Durham, NC, 27701 United States (map)

This camp is for students who already:

  1. Have several hours of experience shooting with their camera 
  2. Know how to shoot in "manual" mode 
  3. Know how to use light and the exposure triangle
  4. Can create a "good" photograph
  5. Can take a good portrait and landscape photograph
  6. Have several hours of experience in Photoshop
  7. Have a developed portfolio of work
  8. Know how to use light to create contrast in camera

Students in this camp will learn and practice advanced skills of photography such as:

  1. Creating an advanced conceptual project
  2. Collaborating with local businesses for a commercial shoot
  3. Studio shoot with a model
  4. Live couples shoot
  5. Building a personal brand 
  6. Advanced editing in Photoshop
  7. Advanced portfolio and website development
  8. How to set goals to become and better photographer
Earlier Event: June 22