Jacob Loafman

Even positive people go through negative slumps...especially if you’re in some type of creative industry
— Jacob Loafman


Why Jacob didn't pick up a camera for 11 years 4:30

Jacob's self portrait project 5:00

Overcoming being "too confident" 7:30

Why Jacob stopped posting so much 9:30

Comparing ourselves to other 14:00

How Jacob markets 14:45

On being patient 16:20

What Jacob thinks about Rangefinders Top 30 Rising Stars 18:30

How Jacob takes double exposures with clients 23:00

Experimenting with clients 26:00

Human connection is a big deal 28:15

Shut Up Loafman 31:00

How Jacob overcame being a beginner wedding photographer 39:30

People who inspire Jacob 44:00

How Jacob chooses his wedding day soundtrack 45:00

What Jacob learned from Sam Hurd 47:00

"you're sustainability depends on you being you" 48:00

Jacob overcoming self worth 52:30

Overcoming social media addiction 54:30

What Jacob wants on his death bed 55:45

Jacob's long struggle with addiction 59:00

Jacob's Portfolio