Sam Hurd

Let the problems be the source of inspiration
— Sam Hurd

How to stay healthy as a wedding photographer 3:52

Sam's background 10:30

How Sam balances work and life 14:45

Sam's struggles at his first wedding 16:50

Story about Sam getting double booked on a wedding day 18:50

How Sam outsources work 20:50

People that inspire Sam 24:00

How Sam reads light 26:45

Sam's struggles with emotional ups and downs 31:45

Being cautious when creating art for yourself vs. clients 34:00

Why Sam calls himself a "craftsman" rather than an "artist" or "storyteller" 37:15

How Sam poses couples that are different heights 41:00

Marketing vs. talent 42:55

Why you should post photos even when you don't want to 45:30

Macklemore quote 47:35

How to make people like you 48:20

What to shoot when you don't have people 49:45

How problems can be the inspiration 51:15

How to shoot different venues with different people 57:45

What Sam charged for his first wedding 58:00

Why shooting for free can be liberating 59:55

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