My vision is to create unconventional, inspiring experiences for couples and photographers. Growing up with my father as a photographer along with creating and teaching photography since 2006, I've always been inspired by the power of a photograph and its limitless possibilities to impact the world.


I don't want to be hired for the results that I can give you.  I want to be hired for the experiences and relationships that we'll both gain.  There's so much more to me than pointing my camera and pushing a button.  

I believe that your photos are less important than the process it takes to create them and the story that comes from that.

I believe that the path to great photos is met with struggles, empathy, intuition, and connections.  


I firmly believe in the quote that you first saw on my home page.


This quote speaks to not only what I believe to be "real love" but also how if we're meant to work together then we're meant to work together and neither of us can control that.   

I'm so thankful that the universe led you here.


I'm not the type of person who stresses over the small details like shots lists, other guests getting in my way or things having to be perfectI trust myself and my clients in the moment to make thoughtful, healthy choices so we can celebrate together with family and friends.  I trust myself to capture your day in an emotional, authentic fashion and I trust my clients to allow me to do so as well.

I am an honest, open person who loves spending time with others.  I'm an introvert but I've only worked in extroverted environments...mostly teaching. 

I grew up dedicated to sports and eventually won two state championships in wrestling and wrestled in college. 

I joined the Marine Corps right after 9/ll and did a tour of duty in Iraq where I first started photography.  I have two degrees in education and find fulfillment in helping others.   

My father was a photographer so I grew up around the industry my whole life.  My mother ran a business for over 30 years in a small mountain town.  I've battled PTSD and mental illness.  I write and vlog about this.

My grandfather was an immigrant from Jordan and originally had the last name Ma'ayeh.  When he arrived to America in 1948 he changed it to Maya to avoid discrimination and persecution. 

I have two kids who are the most important people in the world to me. Their names are Harvest and Honor.  Here's a photo of my son helping me at a wedding and my daughter learning how to use a camera.


I've got two tattoos that are reminders of my kids.

On my left arm there is an arrow. This is for my my son, Harvest, because his middle name is Nibal - the arabic word for "arrow".

On my right hand I have "I'm Ok". My daughter said this to herself one evening when she was scared just after I kissed her good night and put her to bed.

Even though I'm a wedding and couples photographer, I'm an artist first.  As an artist, I don't just create for money.   I create for myself too.  You can find more of my work below.  



Weddings start at $2500

(24 Limited Bookings Available)


Engagements start at $700