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Woolard Family \\ Raleigh, NC

I don't get to go to downtown Raleigh, NC much anymore so I was stoked to get the opportunity to hang out with Kim, Sam and Dennis for family portraits while we wandered the downtown area.  

The story behind this portrait.

On Christmas morning my wife and I got up and ascended her parents farm in the mountains of western North Carolina.  As we left I reached for my camera and she said "please don't take any photos of me.  I don't have any make-up on".  I said "ok".

As we walked up the mountain the light got better.  I convinced her to let me shoot some portraits of her.  I told her that I wouldn't post any of them.  

We reached the peak of the hill and the sun showed itself.  I asked her to stop just as we passed a tree that created a delightful shadow through the woods.

That's when I got this portrait. 

I have posted this portrait pretty much everywhere and have put it in my portfolio.  I had permission.

LESSON LEARNED:  Be tenacious and pushy.