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creativity, the bipolar blessing and a letter.

I love being a creative person who makes art.  

I don't love having bipolar disorder (Actually I don't have bipolar.  Check out this new blog)

One thing that is interesting is that sometimes these very different things actually complement one another.  

When I'm "on top of the world"   I am not at my most creative.  

When I'm feeling "low" or "unstable" that's when some of my most creative work originates.

I don't always like this but I do respect and understand that it's important to tap into this "disorder" in a positive way without cynicism and negative thoughts.  

It's who I am.  I'm ok with it. 

I could even go as far as to credit my bipolar with lending me the tenacity, inspiration and sometimes pain needed to be a successful artist and generally a "good" human.  

To learn more about creativity and bipolar check out some of my work at Broken Light Collective.  

You can also check out this article from entitled: Creativity: The Upside of Bipolar Disorder


Here is an email I received from another photographer with bipolar this past week:

"I was watching a commercial about medication for people with BiPolar disorder. A lady was in the commercial taking pictures. That prompted me to search Google for BiPolar and Photography. I came across your page. I cried. I was diagnosed with BiPolar many years ago, but I swept it under the rug, and I too have always had to "keep it together". Photography has always been an outlet for me. I love organizing, being creative, listening to music, etc. I'm so glad that I'm not alone. You inspire me, and it's cool that you are from NC too. Macro Photography is my "thing" and many people have told me that I have an "eye" for photography, but to me, it's way more than that. It's healing, it's been my saving grace. Thank you for reading."




Bipolar Disorder and Photography


Recently I was featured on Broken Light Collective's gallery.  They are an organization that enhances "the lives of people living with or affected by mental illness through the use of therapeutic photography".

I have been waiting for an opportunity to share this part of my life and I feel this will do.

I have Bipolar II.  Bipolar II is a more mild form of the commonly heard of mental illness, Bipolar I, that results in depression and mania. 

This has actually been one of the catalyst to my quite successful creative life according to "The link Between Bipolar Disorders and Creativity: Evidence From Personality and Temperament Studies." (2010) by S. Ketter Srivastava.  A study from Karolinska Institute in Sweden also shows that families with a history of bipolar...were more likely to produce creative people.  

Yay for me. Right?

Well yeah kind of,  but I will tell you this:

I do struggle everyday to keep it together.  My family, health, job, creative projects and the like continually fill my mind with energy and daunting taxation. 

Photography, and being creative in general, has been my prime source of therapy.  

As you enjoy my photos understand that they are not just photos but they are an extension of me, my thoughts and a lot of times they're not happy.  

Recently, one of my favorite photographers, Jeremy Cowart, was asked to do an interview with only one question asked: "What is the single most effective marketing tactic you use to grow your photography business?"

His response: "I wear my heart on my sleeve"


enjoy my heart guys.