Edit4Influence Bootcamp

Photographers forget that editing is an important part of influencing clients to book you which is how you make money. I created this bootcamp to help you understand how to attract your ideal client by editing in a certain way so you’ll book more. The way people feel when looking at your photos influences whether they book you or not, so it’s really important.

This bootcamp will teach you how to effectively edit your photos for your specific type of client so you can increase your bookings, how to create a consistent look that clients grow to trust, how to use psychology and brain research when editing to get clients to book you, how to identify areas of weakness in your editing and create a strategy to improve, and how to influence clients to feel the emotions you want them to when looking at your photos.


The way people feel when looking at your photos influences whether they book you or not, so it’s really important.


What You’ll Learn

  • How different editing styles attract different clients

  • How to choose the best photos for your portfolio and Instagram

  • What influences clients to book

  • Confidence in your editing decisions

  • How to influence others by editing in a certain way

  • Develop an editing strategy

  • How to change the way people feel when they look at your photos

  • Influence potential clients to book

  • How to use brain research and psychology to edit better

  • Editing, culling, and shooting strategies that influence


What You Get

  • 20 self-paced lessons delivered to your email inbox each day for 20 days

  • 20 valuable resources to instantly apply what you’ve learned in each lesson

  • An online library of resources for you to use when you’re stuck

  • Join an online community of photographers who are going through this course

If you learn why a client books and which styles create emotions then you can use that to your advantage in editing.



The best photographers know what kind of photos their clients like and have committed themselves to editing in that way.

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Who’s it for

  • Photographers who have a good idea of who their Ideal Client is but want to know more

  • Photographers who want to book more clients they love

  • Photographers struggling to find their editing style

  • Photographers who want to learn how to influence others by editing in a certain way

  • Those with a basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop (100 hours at least)


Schedule and Content

This self-paced 20 day Editing Bootcamp is for photographers who are too busy to spend long periods of time learning editing. It’s designed to be viewed and experienced in small, self-paced lessons so you don’t feel stressed about completing the bootcamp by a certain time. Some days the lesson will be a video with a worksheet and other days it will be an article with photos and a resource guide. When you join the Edit4Influence Bootcamp you’ll get a daily email in your inbox for 20 days with a lesson for that day plus a resource that will help you apply what you learned in the lesson. At the end of the Bootcamp you’ll receive a link to a password protected page where each lesson is organized in an easy to consume way plus a library of resources for you to implement the lessons.


Editing For Influence

  • Editing for Ideal Clients - That One Thing That Makes Clients Book

  • Shoot, Pose, Edit, Book - The Brain Research Behind Why Clients Book Photographers

  • Composition and Emotional Response

  • Color Theory for Influence

  • Mindset and Frequency for Editing

  • Editing & The Way To Book More Clients

  • Culling That Converts - Portfolio and Social Media

  • Influence Beyond Editing


Editing Vision & Strategy

  • Editing Vision and Strategy

  • Ideal Client Looks and Preferences

  • Workflow Inventory

  • Developing Custom Styles and Visual Communication

  • Edit for Client Experience


Editing Research & Experimentation

  • Ideal Client Workshop

  • Competitor Research

  • Purpose, Style and Tones

  • Culling - Confidence and Decisiveness

editing bootcamp

Editing Technical Skills & Knowledge

  • Workflow Workshop

  • Photoshop, Lightroom and Beyond

  • Lightroom 101

  • Lightroom 102


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