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This workshop embodies relationships, learning from and helping others, community building, open minds, spontaneity, active listening and responding to your heart.  

It will feel more like a gathering of friends getting together for drinks and less like the "stand and deliver" style of workshop that we're all used to.   You'll leave energized and empowered rather than drained and exhausted. 

If you choose to invest in yourself in this workshop then plan on a lot of self reflection, intense gut checks, and a dramatic shift in your own perspective.   Be prepared to work hard, make new friends and leave inspired. 

Working with and learning from Mark has been one of the best things I have done for my photography career.
— Anna Wiley \\
Mark’s passion for community and art was evident. He was welcoming and had a warm heart.
— Ryan Longnecker \\
There’s not many workshops or people I’d pay to learn from, but Mark is one of them.
— Sean Carr \\
Mark has created a community online and in person where folks can feel comfortable asking questions and experimenting with style and technique.
— Ana Galizes \\
Mark is one of the best mentors I’ve had in a photography workshop.
— Thais Reis \\



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