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Jessica \\ Asheville, NC

During my workshop in Asheville, NC I had the pleasure to create alternative bridal portraits with Jessica Nicholson of Mountain Muse.  During this shoot we wanted to have a wild, raw vibe so Jessica chose thie beautiful alternative wedding dress plus a bouquet of flowers from a local grocery store.

Whitney \\ Chicago, IL

I connected with Whitney Masters through Instagram a while back and was instantly drawn by her beautifully tenacious vibe.  We connected and made the decision to produce a bridal-inspired styled shoot and use it as a teaching opportunity at my workshop in Chicago, IL.   

For this bridal shoot I bought the dress off of Amazon for $90 and purchased the flowers at a near-by grocery store for around $25.  My hope is that brides and other photographers can realize that you don't have to "break the bank" to produce beautiful bridal portraits.