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Nappy Roots \\ Durham, NC

I listened to Nappy Roots when I was in high school.  My favorite beat was the collaboration of "Awnaw" with P.O.D's Marcus.  It was nostalgic to be able to shoot portraits of them in Durham, NC at The Pinhook this week.

After they warmed up to me a bit we had a great shoot.  I also got to connect with Drew Yager of CMK Productions.  He's been with Nappy Roots for 4 years.  You can see him in the photos below.  

Someone else you might not know is Blake German.  He is the tour DJ and producer for Nappy Roots new album "The 40 AKERZ PROJECT".  I was able to grab him on his way out the door.  

You can get Nappy Roots new album on iTunes here.   


My Issues with Veteran's Day - Urban Iraq to Urban Durham, NC

Last year on around Veteran's Day I revealed some of my photos from my tour in Iraq during the 2005-2006 Operation Iraqi Freedom.  


Since then I have made myself a bit more vulnerable to the world by revealing that I have borderline personality disorder and addressing some of my deepest issues.  

Here's another.


 When I was "over there" I had a really toxic relationship with one of my superiors. This partly caused by my inability to empathize and partly by the rigid culture of the U.S. military.  


I recall "exchanging words" on numerous occasions with this guy calling him names that I won't write here.  


On the last patrol that we went on he got hit by an IED (improvised explosive device) and is now a vegetable (I recently heard that his family and doctors "pulled the plug" though).


 I cried a lot when this happened because I couldn't take back what I said and did to him. 


I recently discovered that he was actually in a "traumatic brain injury" treatment facility here in Durham, NC where I live.


 I considered visiting him but I was pretty scared. 


LESSON LEARNED: Life's really short. Don't be mean to people. 


This week I choose a sentimental item to use as a prop in my self portraits; a 1989 Balzac Balloon hat. 

I found this hat during college while swimming at Watauga Lake in eastern Tennessee. It says "Balzac Balloons Est. 1989". I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in this hat a few years ago and I thought it deserved some attention. 

I challenged myself to do one photo-shoot and create 8 different photographs using the same prop.  I shot all of these photos in my bedroom using a softbox, an old projector screen and mid-day natural light.  



Urban Maternity Portraits in Durham, NC - Melissa + Wayne + 2

This was a great urban maternity portrait shoot.  I was hopping around downtown Durham, NC on one foot because my other is broken.  What kept me going was knowing how amazingly beautiful Melissa looked and how proud Wayne was to have two beautiful twin girls coming soon. Cheers!